Prof. Dr.

Here a try for interpretation of AkTIM-Logo:

- opposite expression
- colour: black - white
                               reminds on Jing + Jang
- commection of to different thinks/&events... (originally University with Praxis = companies, gouverments ...)
- behind this imaginations of 2 cycles (endless sourrounding, wheel of life)
- maybe mysticals thinkings,
- balances

-symbol of network/Vernetzung:
It symbolizes the working together and connections respective the "LINK" of University of Applied Sciences/Prof./Stud./Pr�s. ...
               with institutionen like
(industry, trade/Handel, crafts/Handwerk ...),
                                       politics/mayor, Landrat ...,
                              hospitals ...

- honoring the time with and
- the logo-creator Dipl.-Ing. Michael Kristen
(who was one of the student who were strongly engaged for the idea of )

++++++++++ 2019 +++++++++
Logo von Michael Kristen, Krone

  1. �Unterlagen� (Skizzen o.�.) dazu gab es nie. Es war eine Idee, die wir damals auf Konrad�s PC direkt und pixeloptimiert (!) in Paint umgesetzt hatten. Nat�rlich k�nnen Konrad und ich gerne versuchen zu erl�utern, welche Gedanken uns damals zu der Grafik f�hrten.


ProfWBC - AkTIM:
"It became my PERSONAL LOGO ("Privat-Logo") - and it is important for me! ... for many reasons!"