Because of special need and wishes in 1991 some students, specially
        Dipl.-Inf. FH Dietmar
Schmitt, founded together
        with Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Wolfgang
the initiative
= Arbeitskreis Trierer Ingenieure und Informatiker f├╝r Management (before Mode)
at the
Fachhochschule Trier (University of Applied Sciences).

In the beginning it was the intention of the students to help themselves. Later
became a well-known institution in the area of Trier.

This war possible because of the support of many
enterprises -                              THANKS to them!
Their idea of is:
                        immer aber studien- bzw. theorie-praxis-bezogene Veranstaltungen abzuhalten
- zusammen mit Unternehmern / Managern"

The AkTIM-pioniers!